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[[Akhilesh leans against the wall]]
Akhilesh: Perhaps it is irony that a man whose name means "immortal, indestructible" should see death so frequently. One would think I would become numb to its gravity.

[[Akhilesh looks at his hands]]
Akhilesh: Every day, I fight valiantly to cheat death and grant some helpless soul another lease on life. And every day, I watch helplessly as a life slips through my fingers.

[[Akhilesh watches over the patient]]
Akhilesh: But you were different. *Everything* about you was different. Never have I seen someone fight so hard to live, when giving up would have been so much easier.

[[In a flashback, police are seen carrying someone into the ER, with Akhilesh in the background]]
Akhilesh: I will never forget the day you came to us. Even if I wanted to, I could never forget.

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