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[[Scott, Tim, and Patty hide around a corner as Fooker walks to William]]
Scott: Little does William know, but he shall facilitate Barker's next phase of testing, thanks to a few anonymous calls to procurement...

[[Fooker talks to William]]
William: Since there's no way procurement will get those new servers in by the deadline, we're stuck using this legacy equipment for low-end processing.
Fooker: No sweat. What have we got?

William: About four PDP-11
94s, a small Vax 6000 cluster, and a couple of Apple IIe's we can use for terminals.

Fooker: You have got to be joking...
William: I wish I were.

Fooker: Fine. Order three large "everything" pizzas and a six-pack of Red Bull, then download the latest Linux kernel source. I've got some cables to splice...

Tim: Do you really think even the one could turn that into a powerful modern server cluster?
Scott: Only if you believe in miracles, Tim...
Patty: Oh, I can just smell the drama...

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