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[[Ki, Mr. Oshiro, and Mrs. Oshiro are talking]]
Mr. Oshiro: I... have acted shamefully. I have dishonored all of you especially your friend. For that, I must apologize. Domo sumimasen.

[[Ki hugs Mr. Oshiro]]
Ki: Dad, don't apologize to me. Apologize to Nick. Why don't you stay here, and mom and I will go to the hospital and bring him home. Then we'll talk this over.

[[Yoshi watches from the second-story railing]]
Mr. Oshiro: I am sorry to you as well, my wife. My overzealousness embarrassed and angered you as well.
Mrs. Oshiro: All is forgiven, my husband...

Mrs. Oshiro: But you are still sleeping on couch.

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