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[[Dexter and Trish approach the entrance to Fondue For You]]
Trish: Are you *sure* you want to eat *here*? I ... heard this place had a poor sanitation rating...
Dexter: But Sharon said this place was *great*...

[[Ki, Nick, Fooker, Sharon and Patty are sitting at a table in the restaurant]]
Nick, to Ki: Why is this place so expensive when they make you cook your own food?
Ki: Some people spend money on things other than technology, dear...
Sharon, to Patty: Dexter can be a very sweet guy, Patty. I think you two will get along great.
Patty: Well, if he's a no-show, the Blonde Wonder over there [[Fooker]] is paying my bill...

[[Dexter and Trish approach the others]]
Dexter: Hi guys! We're here!
Patty: Great. If I knew we were allowed warm-up dates, I wouldn't have left my Chippendale at home...

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