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[Comic for Monday, December 13, 2004]


{{The Trish in this comic is the "evil" Trish}}

[[Patty is getting up and leaving, Dexter looking at her. Apperantly oblivious (yeah right), a cheery Trish is still trying to distract Dexter with the dessert menu]]
Trish: I think we should try this one! It's en flamb?!
Dexter: Patty? Where are you going?

[[Close-up of Patty, talking to Dexter. Dexter is only partially in the panel, seen from the rear. In the background, the shapes of Nick and Ki are looking at the situation unfolding]]
Patty: Look, this isn't going to work. Obviously SOMEONE is getting more out of this date tahn I am, so I think I should just leave.

[[Shot of the booth, with an almost triumphantly glowing Trish sitting center-panel, a saddened Dexter next to her]]
Trish: Well, now! I guess that means there's more for us to share!

[[Dexter's arm is all we see as he rushes after Patty, leaving a stunned Trish behind]]
Dexter: Patty, wait!

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