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[[Nicole Duncan is in an elevator]]
Nicole Duncan: (thought) Darn. There goes my morning...

[[Mercedes gets onto the elevator with Nicole]]
Mercedes De La Croix: Ah, Nicole! How pleasant to see you this morning!
Nicole: Hello, Mercedes...

Mercedes: I noticed that our court date is coming up rapidly. Care to settle now and save yourself the embarrassment?
Nicole: No.

Mercedes: I'll warn you, our case is pretty devastating. Those server logs we subpoenaed speak volumes about your "client."
Nicole: I know.

Mercedes: You know what part of your problem is, Nicole? No ambition. You have to use all of your talents in the courtroom to get what you want.
Nicole: Like you, I suppose?

Nicole: I like how you won your last case by repeatedly crossing your legs in that short skirt, distracting the judge during the defense counsel's presentation.
Mercedes: I'd suggest you try it, but you need to jog a bit first...

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