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Sharon: Fooker, your birthday is coming up, and since you've become so much more open-minded, I thought I'd give you something extra special.
Fooker: Okay...

Sharon: It's a maxed-out Power Mac! With dual 2.5GHz G5s, 8GB RAM, 500GB disk space, superdrive, and Mac OS X tiger! Of course, it comes with iLife and all the usual trimmings! Isn't it awesome?
Fooker: Er, thanks.

Sharon: Of course, this will help a ton when you come back to GPF, since I convinced Dwayne to go with all Apple products.
Fooker: You did?

Sharon: In fact, now you don't need that old Linux box anymore, or any of those old computers. Everything here will be bright, shiny, and fruity colored! Whee!

[[Sharon removes her clothes, revealing a form-fitting "iMac girl" outfit.]]
Sharon: Including me!

[[Fooker is in bed with Sharon, who is sound asleep. Fooker is lying awake, having dreamt all the previous panels.]]

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