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[[Nick and Ki are looking at china patterns]]
Nick: I'm sorry, but I just can't see spending that much money on something that spends 99% of its time sitting on a cabinet shelf collecting dust.
Ki: We're not buying it. Other people give it as a gift.

Nick: Is that any better? They know we won't use it every day. Is that the way they would want to commemorate our wedding?
Ki: Fine. Whatever. We won't get the china.

[[Nick points out a china pattern]]
Nick: Hold on now. What if we got something mid-range, like this stoneware. It's not too expensive, so we could use it every day. But it looks nice enough to use when people come over.

Ki: Nice compromise. How long have you been on Pfaltzgraff's payroll?
Nick: Not long. I'm still waiting for the first royalty check.

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