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[[Fred-possessed Fooker gets up]]
Fred and Fooker: Can... Can I do this with anybody?
Wisebottom: I'm not sure. Some bodies may be more resistant or susceptible than others.

Fred and Fooker: Fooker doesn't like that implication, Otto.
Wisebotom: Oh, nothing was implied. Humans may be more controllable than, say, cats. We don't know yet.

Wisebottom: What puzzles me is how you evolved this ability. It's unlike anything I've ever seen, and I don't see any logical, natural reason for its development.

[[Fooker is grinning under Fred's control]]
Fred and Fooker: I can't think of a _logical_ reason, but I can come up with plenty of _other_ uses for it...

{{Fred has made his plans against Trent.}}

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