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[Comic for Saturday, April 23, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: Meaghan E. Quinn, artistic mastermind behind
Eat the Roses and Vigilante, Ho!

Note: Although Ki and Fooker discovered Nick's comics in the bonus story from Book #1, they only saw five pages of the comic. This is why Ki doesn't know how the super heroes defeated the Warmonger in their "previous" encounter.


[[The Warmonger is on screen, holding Sharon hostage]]
Nick: It's The Warmonger! Absolutely Incredible Man's worst nemesis!
Warmonger: Referrin' to yerself in third person now, Absolutely Incredulous Moron? How quaint. Ya got _FIVE_ seconds now before the flower child here goes fer a trip... _WITHOUT_ the drugs.

[[Nick looks shaken as Ki and Inexplicable Speck ask him questions]]
Inexplicable Speck: This some friend of yours?
Ki: Quick, Nick! You're the cartoonist! How do we defeat this guy?
Inexplicable Speck: Cartoonist? As if you guys weren't making sense _BEFORE_.

[[Nick appears pained]]
Nick: We...we can't. This is his Mega Mech form, after he merged with the Mobius Wave Gem. When I wrote this part... half the team... _died_...

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