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[Comic for Wednesday, June 1, 2005]


[[Dwayne speaking to Fooker, Sharon, Nick, Ki, and Dexter.]]
Dwayne: To get things rolling, I'm hiring three new contractors. Like Dex when he started, they're right-to-hire, so I plan to bring them on full-time if they work out fine.

[[Dwayne turns to his right. In background, Fooker and Sharon share a questioning look.]]
Dwayne: Luckily for us, Regional Telecom just ended their infrastructure upgrade, so we can bring on people Fooker already knows. That will help ease them into our group.

[[Dwayne presents one of the new contractors to Ki and Dexter.]]
Dwayne: The other two will arrive this afternoon. But I'll go ahead and introduce you to --
[[Dexter reacts strongly, nearly knocking Ki over.]]
Dexter: Patty!
[[Patty stares back, eyes wide.]]

[[Dwayne and Patty face Dexter and Ki. Dexter is blushing badly, sweat drops surrounding his head.]]
Dwayne: Oookay... maybe you guys have already met...
Patty, eyes narrowed: I am _so_ having fondue flashbacks right now...

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