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[Comic for Sunday, June 5, 2005]


[[Fooker and Sharon are installing network cabling at GPF Software. Fooker is laying on his back with his head and shoulders through an access hole in the wall, while Sharon is kneeling awkwardly nearby, feeding him cable.]]
Fooker: Shar, can you give me more slack? You're not letting me clear this support beam.
Sharon: Sorry. Next time Dwayne wants us to pull cable, tell him to pick a day when I'm not wearing a skirt.

Sharon: [arms crossed] I'm not crawling around in that floor until I put on some jeans. I HAVE my modesty...
Fooker: Hey, Ms. Modest. Is that a thong, or are you just not --?

[Sharon interrupts him, kicking him in the back of his knee]
Fooker: OW!
Tim: [Entering the panel] Excuse me. Are we interrupting something?

Fooker: Nah, just domestic violence. Sharon, this is Tim and Scott. They worked with me at Regional.
Tim: Hello.

Sharon: [whispering to Fooker] Aren't these the two "stalkers" you told us about?
Fooker: [whispering in reply] Yeah, but they're cool. They haven't followed me around for a while. They're mostly harmless.

Sharon: [suspiciously, to Scott] You... look awfully familiar somehow...
Scott: It's the goatee. Everyone is wearing them these days.
Fooker: Amen, beard brother.

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