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Officer: All rise for the honorable judge--

Officer: I said, all rise. The defendant shall rise.
Fred: Look, I'm rising as high as my cytoplasm will go.

The Judge: You may be seated. This is the case of Trenton Naomi Terrell vs. Fredrick Physar--
Fred: Snk!

Nicole: Fred!
Fred: Trent's middle name is "Naomi"? *Snort!*
De La Croix: Did it just snort?

The Judge: If I may continue...? Trenton Naomi Ter--
Nicole: Fred!
The Judge: Order!

The Judge: Counsel for the defense! What exactly is that thing on your desk?
Nicole: The defendant, Your Honor.
The Judge:

Vampires, cyborgs and now this. Why is it always me?

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