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[[Dex, Scott, and Patty are watching the coverage at the GPF office]]
Television: And so what started out as a simple local lawsuit has exploded into a national legal melodrama.

[[Dr. Not and Nefarious are watching the coverage in prison as "And" and "Or" sit in the background.]]
Television: The man who dared to sue a slime mold, and the biological wonder that has come out of hiding to defend itself.

[[Bad Trish, holding a mysterious tool and what looks like a strange device, is watching the coverage]]
Television: Not since the Lindbergh kidnapping, the Scopes "Monkey Trial", or the O. J. Simpson case has the world become so focused on the U.S. justice system.

[[A mysterious figure watches as "Man vs. Mold" with the subtitle "Terrell vs. Physarum"]]
Television: Stay tuned as our on-going coverage of "Man vs. Mold" continues...
Mysterious Figure: At last! I've found him!

{{Socrates's first appearance in this timeline}}

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