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[Comic for Thursday, August 11, 2005]


[[The Oshiros (Ki's parents and brother) are watching the TV]]
TV: After a blistering display of legal logic, the defense rests its case, and the jury begins deliberations...

[[The Wellingtons (Nick's mother and the back of the top of Lori's head), watching TV]]
TV: A courthouse insider tells us there could be confusion among the jury about whether the slime mold is a "person" or not...
Linda Wellington: A drink, Lori?

[[UGA folks (Justin Barker, Agent #12 (Maddie O'Hara), perhaps Agent #18 (see July 25, 2002)), watching TV]]
TV: At this point, legal analysts are uncertain of the outcome. With so many unusual elements, this case could go either way...

[[Shadow, possibly Socrates, watching TV]]
TV: We will return to our live coverage after this brief commercial break...
Socrates (?): He HAS to win... I can't lose him again so soon...

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