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Ki: You already know that Fooker and I both went to college near here, and how we met. We hung out a lot, even after he graduated.

Ki: Fooker tutored me in some of my advanced classes, and eventually I decidied to return the favor and tutor other students. I alternated that and working part-time at GPF for a couple years.

[[Flashback to college days. Ki is tutoring Josh]]
Ki voiceover: Most of the people I tutored did really well, and I almost considered becoming a teacher. But there was one football player who had a really hard time with algebra, and I spent a long time working with him.

[[Sam approaches the table. Josh gives him a thumbs-up sign; Ki looks astonished]]
Ki voiceover: Of course, this wasn't about him. But without Josh, I never would have met Sam...

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