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Ki: [[narrating]] Ordinarily, Sam and I wouldn't have had much in common. His family was wealthy, mine middle class. He was a jock; I was a geek. We were from totally different worlds.

Ki: [[narrating]] But because of tutoring Josh, I spent more time than usual among the football team, and that put me in near constant contact with Sam.
Sam: Hey, Josh! You're up!
Josh: Be right back.

Sam: Hi! Let's see... it's Ki, right?
Ki: Yeah. Josh says you're Sam.

Sam: It's great that you're helping Josh out. He's a cool guy, a big teddy bear. But his math skills are abysmal, and the coach won't let him play if his grades slip too much.

Ki: He's doing okay. He just has trouble grasping certain concepts. Some people are wired differently than others. I used to golf with my dad, but I'm much more comfortable in front of a computer.

Sam: Well, thanks. I need him to block for me, and he can't do that if he can't factor a polynomial.
Sam: [[winks at Ki]] Come to tomorrow's game, and if we win, why don't the three of us celebrate?

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