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Ki: [[narrating]] At Christmas, it was my turn to meet his parents. If you can remember the culture shock of meeting my dad, imagine applying it to his family. It was like another world.

Ki: [[narrating]] Sam's mother was polite, but had an air of superiority about her. I felt like Eliza Doolittle around her, like "common rabble". Sam would defend me to a point, but I could tell she held a good deal of sway over her son.

Ki: [[narrating]] His dad was... a puzzle. He was a self-made man, who obviously worked hard to be where he was. To that end, he had little problem with my more humble origins, but he was very traditional, and a strong woman was not someone he had a lot of experience with.

Ki: [[narrating]] The entire weekend was awkward. I felt that every time I left the room, hushed conversations began, and whispers died when I would enter. And Sam's friendly smile never appeared unless we were alone.

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