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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Tuesday, December 20, 2005]


Fooker: Well, we've looked everywhere, and there's still no sign of Trish.
Ki: I don't know which is worse: Trish mysteriously vanishing, or that I'm down another bridesmaid.

Patty: Ki, um... I've thought this over, and against my better judgement, I'll fill in. Of course, that means I'll be praying for Lori to get a ride or Trish to magically reappear...
Ki: Thanks, Patty. I think.

Nick: Well, there isn't much more we can do tonight. It's getting late, so we better hit the sack and get plenty of rest for a busy tomorrow.
Fooker: You're forgetting one thing, buddy.

Fooker and Sharon: BACHELOR PARTIES!

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