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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Dwayne stands with his wife Nicole and their daughter Sydney; Dwayne is in a tux, Nicole in a bridesmaid's dress, and Sydney in a flower girl's dress. Tim comes up to them.]]
Tim: People are starting to show up. I thought Ki's brother was going to help be an usher.
Dwayne: He is. Has he not shown up yet?

Tim: No, and neither has Nick. Fooker's not back from looking for him either.
Dwayne: Can you and Scott handle the guests for now?
Tim: Sure.

[[Tim has left.]]
Nicole: Nick hasn't arrived yet? Does Ki know?
Dwayne: Not yet. We didn't want to worry her. Fooker should be back soon with some answers.

Nicole: What about Mr. Oshiro? Do you think he might know why Yoshi isn't here yet?
Mr. Oshiro[[in foreground, looking extremely angry]]: He does not, but he is sure the boy will *wish* he did his homework on time...

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