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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Wednesday, January 11, 2006]


[[ Fooker enters the room. Dwayne, Scott, Dexter, and Patty look at him. ]]
Dwayne: What do you mean by "Don't bother?" Where's Nick?
Fooker: He's not coming.

Scott: Not coming? It's his wedding day!
Patty: Where is he? Did he leave that note?
Dexter: Should we tell Ki?

[[ Ki enters the room. All turn to look at her.]]
Ki: Should we tell Ki _what_?

[[ Fooker is mostly out of the panel, but his left hand and arm are visible, holding out an envelope to Ki, who reaches for it. ]]
Fooker: I'm sorry...

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