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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Tuesday, April 25, 2006]


[[Butch, Trent, Ki, and Fooker talking]]
Trent: I'm Assuming Pi and Planck are still... indisposed?
Ki: What happened to them?

[[Trent talking]]
Trent: Apparently a minor mishap with one of their more benign weapons. It will wear off in a few hours. They should be familiar with the plans already, so we'll proceed with the briefing without them.

[[Fooker, Ki, Trent, and Chuck talking]]
Trent: Of course, with the exception of Chuck, few of us have any practical experience with covert ops. Your input will be most appreciated.
Fooker: Of course.

[[Trudy and Trent in frame, with Alt. Trudy just off frame]]
Trent: Ah, Trudy, my dear! I see that you're ready, although I'm sure a few explanations of your appearance will be in order.

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