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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Thursday, July 6, 2006]


[[All peer over the handrail, where Nega-Fooker's body lays smoldering below]]
Fooker: Wait... this is the main reactor, and because of nega-me, it's set to explode?
Dexter the Diabolical: In a nutshell.

Fooker: How long do we have?
Dexter the Diabolical: I'd estimate around fifteen minutes. If we hurry, we can silence the alarms and Nick will have no warning...

Fooker: We'll still need to get out ourselves. Justin, Dex, synchronize watches for ten minutes. We need to contact Fred and Dwayne to pull us out as soon as we find our Nick.

[[Dexter the Diabolical is walking away]]
Fooker: Going somewhere?
Dexter the Diabolical: You have your mission to accomplish, and I have mine. Our alliance of convenience ends here.

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