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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. In the foreground, Ki kneels next to Duchess Ki, who is seated on the floor and leaning against something that looks like furniture. The Duchess has a wound on the right side of her chest.]]
Ki: I... I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do...
Duchess Ki: N-Nothing to... apolo...gize for...

[[Ki is sad. Duchess Ki's words are becoming faint.]]
Ki: Why did you...?
Duchess Ki: You... love him, don't you?
Ki: Yes.
Duchess Ki: That's why.

[[Duchess Ki is seen in closeup. Her brow is wrinkled from pain, and her head shakes a bit.]]
Duchess Ki: Promise... you two will... be happy. Love him... he's a... good... man...

[[Duchess Ki's head has collapsed against her shoulder. She is either unconscious or dead. Ki still kneels next to her. In the background, Nick and Emperor NegaNick are fighting hand-to-hand.]]
Ki: Now _this_ is awkward...

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