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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. Alternate Trudy, wearing the pin that Trudy formerly wore, looks in the direction of the MUTEX. Her face is stern; perhaps she is holding back tears. From behind her, Alternate Chuck looks impatient as he speaks to her.]]
{{ It is clear that he does not yet understand that she is the Trudy from his own dimension.}}
Alternate Chuck: Look, I know you miss your friends, but you've visited this dimension long enough to know it isn't safe. We have to get out of here.

[[Alternate Trudy begins to move, her brow still furrowed. Alternate Chuck raises an eyebrow in reaction to what she says.]]
Alternate Trudy: The secret imperial shuttle should still be docked one floor down. We can escape in that.
Alternate Chuck: How did _you_ know...?

[[Alternate Trudy goes toward a doorway out of the room. Alternate Chuck's eyes go wide.]]
{{In a quick breach of the "fourth wall" as he recognizes which Trudy has stayed in his dimension, Alternate Chuck looks at the audience, not at Alternate Trudy.}}

[[Alternate Chuck follows Alternate Trudy out of the room. Both are pumping their arms and appear to be running now.]]
Alternate Chuck: Good act, T.
Alternate Trudy: Give me an Oscar once we're in the clear.

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