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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Patty and Dexter are watching the wedding party as photos are taken]]
Patty: Hmm...
Dexter: Hey, Patty. You okay?

Patty: Oh... Yeah, Dex. I just needed a minute by myself, that's all.
Dexter: Sure is nice to see them finally get married, huh?

Patty: I guess, as long as they are happy. It seemed nothing could go right for this wedding...
Dexter: Musical bridesmaids, missing grooms... Quite an adventure. Heh...

Patty: That reminds me... Where did you guys disappear to for a couple days? Nobody will give me a straight answer...
Dexter: Oh, "In a mirror darkly..."
Patty: Gee, that's not cryptic...

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