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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Patty: Fine. *Be* all evasive. Did you at least find out about what happened to that vanishing chick?
Dexter: Trish? Actually, I don't think so, other than she went back to where she came from.

Patty: One hopes it's hot and sulfury there...
Dexter: Patty, what's wrong? I know you never liked Trish, but you're frostier than usual around this wedding.

Patty: Sigh... I'm sorry, Dex. It's nothing personal... except the grudge against Trish. I just don't... "do" weddings.
Dexter: So I've heard. What's your problem with weddings?

Patty [[annoyed]]: What makes you think I'll open up and tell *you* what I refuse to tell anyone else?
Dexter [[grinning]]: 'Cause I know Fooker upped your disk quota to get you to go out with me and I don't care?

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