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[[Speaker on stage]]
Speaker: The hacking contest is under way! Which will fall first: Windows, Mac OS, or Linux? Gentlemen, begin your hacking!

[[Pair of hackers in front of computer with arm raised]]
Speaker: There is little doubt that everyone has their pick to win. Will Service Pack 1 put Vista on top? Will the latest kernel keep Linux out of--
Hacker: We're in!

[[Speaker in front of their computer]]
Bystander: _
_ quick? I _
_ you this contest was a joke.
Speaker: Well, it's a Windows box all right... but this IP isn't on our private subnet. Which computer _
_ you hack into?

[[XO and Captain on the ship's bridge with skull and crossbones on the screens]]
XO: Captain? Did you give the order for full astern?
Captain: No...

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