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[[Ki, Nick, and Mr. Connery talking]]
Connery: Let's see... "Alex Blighter" and "Pennymoney", wasn't it? Or should I just use your _
_ names, Mr. Wellington and Ms. Oshiro?
Ki: That's _
_ Wellington.

[[Mr. Connery talking to Ki]]
Connery: Ah, congratulations, then. It seems my sources aren't as current as I had hoped. I _
_ to stay on top of things, but in today's fast-paced world, you know...

[[Nick talking to Mr. Connery]]
Nick: Look, Moldfinger, we don't want any trouble. We washed onto your beach by accident. We weren't looking for your secret lair...
Connery: Oh, I wouldn't call it a "secret lair".

[[Mr. Connery gestures to the entire complex]]
Connery: This is my little... retirement bungalow.
Ki: So bungalows come equipped with armed stormtroopers and dozens of satellite feeds these days?

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