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[[Nick and Ki, seen from behind, pass Sharon and Fooker in GPF]]
Sharon: There they are! Ki, where have you guys been? You're two hours late this morning!
Ki: We know. Sorry.

[[Fooker raises his index finger while speaking to Ki while Sharon looks on]]
Fooker: You know, early-morning nookie is not an acceptable excuse for missing one of Dwayne's status meetings.
Ki: FYI, Nick used to use his PDA as an alarm clock. We forgot to find a substitute.

[[Ki continues talking with Fooker and Sharon]]
Sharon: Still haven't found a replacement yet?
Ki: With this project deadline, we haven't had a chance to go shopping. We'll hit the stores this weekend.
Fooker: How's he holding up?

[[Ki and Fooker's silhouettes, standing in the door frame, look at Nick, who has disheveled hair, a slightly loose tie and a not completely tucked shirt.]]
Ki: It's... not pretty.
Nick thinks: Did I remember to put on underwear this morning?

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