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[[Sky view of a penthouse apartment with pool, tennis court, and trees]]
Nick (off-panel): Wow, Fred... This place is quite spiffy. Thanks for inviting us over.
Fred (off-panel): Did you just say "spiffy"?

[[Ki, Nick, and Fred inside the apartment]]
Fred: Truth be told, I have ulterior motives. I need your help on something...
Nick: Look, we want you to make amends with Fooker, but we can't be your proxy...

[[Fred waggling his pseudopod]]
Fred: What? No, this isn't about Encino Man. I need geek help. I'm installing a server cluster and T-1 line to host my new multimedia hub. I thought I'd ask my favorite techies who bathe to come by and help.

[[Ki, Nick, and Fred talking]]
Nick: Sure thing. Just show me where it is and I'll get started.
Fred: No, no. Ki can handle that. I need you for something more important.
Ki: Wait... Was I just complimented or insulted here?

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