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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Trent and Harry scatter as the door falls in and a shadow stands at the door]]

[[Trent and Dexter argue]]
Trent: Get out of my house, you gargantuan nerd!
Dexter: Stuff it, Trent, or I'll ask an old slimy mutual friend to give you a "neck rub".

[[Dexter talks to a bewildered Harry as Trent looks on, unsure of what to do]]
Dexter: 'Ello, Harry. Name's Dexter. I was a friend of your mom & dad's.

[[Dexter hands Harry a fresh letter]]
Dexter: {{off-panel}} Since nobody could find your e-mail address and you never responded to our snail mails, I was sent to deliver this to you...
{{The address on the letter says, "Mr. Harry Barker, Number Four Packet Drive, Little Windoze"}}

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