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[[Dexter stands in front of Nick's MUTEX and explains it to
Tim and Patty]]
Dexter: The MUTEX is Nick's virtual reality rig. Well, it's also an interdimensional transport if the power's set high enough.
Patty: Uh...

[[Dexter reaches for a software box]]
Dexter: Nick was working on modifying it to attach to any MMORPG system as a full VR client. He hasn't tested it yet, but with my "BOB" discs we can give it a try.
Patty: Dex...

Patty: Every time Nick, Ki, or Fooker mentions this "MUTEX" thing, it's in hushed tones. Clearly, they don't want us to know about it.
Dexter: Oh, I've been in the MUTEX several times. It's harmless ...mostly.

[[Patty crosses her arms and Tim looks in his bag of snacks]]
Patty: Said Ford Prefect to Arthur Dent.
Tim: So long and thanks for all the goldfish.

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