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[[Trudy, Fooker, and Sharon walk into Sharon's parents' house; Sharon hugs her mom as Fooker brings in a bunch of presents]]
Sharon: Mom! Dad! Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Murphy: Merry Christmas, dear.

[[Mr. Murphy approaches Fooker as he comes in with the presents]]
Mr. Murphy: Let me help you with those gifts, Jason.
Fooker: I'm on to you, old man. The joy buzzer isn't going to work this time. Besides, I'm carrying breakables.

[[Mrs. Murphy turns to the men with Trudy and Sharon looking on]]
Mrs. Murphy: My, he's learning, Kyle! We'll have to step things up a notch.
Sharon: Mom, dad, this is Trudy Niemand, my biological sister.

[[Mrs. Murphy hugs Trudy as Sharon smiles with joy]]
Mrs. Murphy: Welcome to the family, dear.
Trudy: Um, thanks?

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