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[[Nick is puzzled as he looks at the MUTEX]]
Nick: It's funny... I think the MUTEX has been running since we got back after Christmas, but I don't recall kicking off a job before we left. I just assumed I had...
Ki: (off-panel) Nick...

[[Ki holds up some chips]]
Ki: You went to the grocery story yesterday, right? Why did you pick up a bag of Cheddar Chunks? Neither of us like them all that much.
Nick: I didn't.

[[Nick looks in the fridge as Ki notices something off-panel]]
Nick: That's funny. Neither of us drink Blue Steer either, but there's a whole pack in the fridge. How'd that get in there?
Ki: I think I know...

[[Ki holds up an over-sized jacket]]
Ki & Nick: (together) Dexter.

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