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Doctor Nefarious: Whaddaya mean, "He's _not_ James Baud"?
Doctor Not: The Agent #6 currently employed by the U.G.A. isn't the one who caught us. He's his brother.

Not: It seems our old nemesis has retired and passed on the "mantle" of Baud to his sibling. The resemblance is uncanny, but _surely_ you've noticed he's changed more than his hair.

Nefarious: Well, I _assumed_ he had some work done.
Not: Speaking of retirement, Maddie tells me Moldfinger has hung up his toupee as well, quietly disappearing to a private island somewhere.

Nefarious: Ol' Penicillin Pinkie has _quit_? That gristled old son of a ... Wait a sec. "Maddie"?
Not: Gain their confidence and they'll tell you anything.

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