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[[A jet plane is in the air]]
Flight attendant (off-panel): I'm sorry, sir, but the use of cellular telephones is not permitted while we're in flight.
Wisebottom (off-panel): Oh, it's not a cell phone...

[[Wisebottom shows the flight attendant his device]]
Wisebottom: While it taps into the cellular network, it actually uses subspace harmonics to transmit audio through space-time fractures and is perfectly safe from harmful electronic interference.
Flight attendant: Um, right.

[[Wisebottom fiddles with his device]]

[[Wisebottom talks into the device]]
Wisebottom: Yes, I'm looking for a Flavoura Filigree. Ah, I see. Well, please tell her an old friend has called. My name is Otto. Here's my number...

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