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[[Todd and Mischief appear to be back in the Celestial Nursery. Todd carries the limp body of Mischief as it flickers]]
Todd (narrating): Pandemonium's attack was severe. Mischief's life energy lay on the cusp of evaporation. I knew she had only one chance.

Todd: Still in the Celestial Nursery, I could put her into a protoverse as we did to regenerate "the Gamester". This was no time for philosophical debate on destroying theoretical worlds.

Todd: With Gamester gone, no one but me would know of Pandemonium's plan, and I am powerless to stop him. Mischief would be our only chance; she _had_ to survive.

[[Todd startled by falling debris]]
Todd: But perhaps I asked too much. With a shudder, the nursery began to collapse. Mischief's fate may be uncertain, but mine seemed sealed.

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