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Trudy: Stop beating around the bush, Fooker. If you have something to say, just say it.
Fooker: OK, how about this...

Fooker: I've had my eye on you ever since we came back from that "alternate universe." I tried to give you the benefit of a doubt. I really did. But nobody's more suspicious than a retired secret agent, and you set off all my old intuitions.

Fooker: Maybe it's all my old experiences, but nobody knows "our" Trudy like I do. I've seen things the others have missed. I know things they'll never know. And what I see when I watch you... seems too darn familiar.

Fooker: So consider yourself warned. I can't prove anything... yet. But I'm on to you. You aren't all you claim to be, "Trudy". Any when you finally slip up, I'll be watching.

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