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[[Ki lying face down on examining table grimacing in pain, Doctor Sehgal pulling sheet up over her lower regions with left hand, has right index finger at lips. Trudy at left and Trish with IV stand, both facing him.]]
Trish: W-will she b-be all right, D-Dr Aki?
Doctor: Yes. It is not too bad.

[[Close-up of doctor, holding X-ray of pelvic region in right hand.]]
Doctor: There is a hairline fracture of one of the coccygeal vertebrae, as well as contusions at the top of the gluteal sulcus. A mild case of coccydynia, easily treatable by rest and anti-inflammatories.

[[Ki expressionless, Doctor half smiling]]
Doctor: You may wish to sit on a pillow with a cut-out in the back for a while. If there is pain during bowel movements, I recommend increased fiber and perhaps a stool softener. You should be fine before too long.

[[Trudy looks surprised, arms come up. Trish has left index finger at mouth to hide grin.]]
Trudy: So that means... She really *did*...?
Ki: You *broke*... my *butt*...

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