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Dr. Akhilesh Sehgal: Your hair... It is not blond. May I ask...?
Trudy: Neither, but this is closer to what it was before the grays began to invade.

Dr. Akhilesh Sehgal: This length suits you better. It frames your face nicely.
Trudy: Thanks.

Dr. Akhilesh Sehgal: My sister had the most beautiful long hair before the chemotherapy robbed her of it. I have always preferred women with long hair...
Trudy: Gods, I forgot how annoying your incessant prattle can be...

Dr. Akhilesh Sehgal: You would prefer I stop with the talk that is small and ask how far you have read in my "book"?
Trudy: My hair used to be longer.

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