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[[Nick in tee-shirt looking in bathroom mirror; Ki behind him in dressing gown with toothbrush in mouth]]
Nick: I think I might just grow a beard.
Ki: Murf mur murl?

[[Ki close beside Nick, facing him, with arms folded; he turns his head to see her]]
Ki: I thought I made my opinions of facial hair abundantly clear.
Nick: I know. Just as an experiment.

[[Nick looking into mirror again]]
Nick: I'm looking for a change. It's very "geek chic" these days. Fooker and Scott have goatees, Tim has his mustache, I had one a while back... Maybe for a while, just to see how it will look.

[[Nick turns from mirror to face Ki directly. Her arms are still folded.]]
Ki: Uh huh. And when exactly will this experiment start?
Nick: [[Annoyed]] Three weeks ago.

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