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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[On the left, Sysape and Mouso are facing us. Sysape has his hand on Mouso's shoulder, who is standing at Sysape's computer. On the right, Harry is at Deadlock's computer, facing them. Deadlock, with a huge smile and wavy hair, is facing us.]]
Deadlock: Let's let you boys give it a try. Nothing dirty or underhanded, now. Let the best hacker win!

[[Close up of Mouso, typing away. A glowing "worm" with fangs and thorns twists up on the holographic table. Out of our vision, Deadlock speaks.]]
Deadlock: Excellent move, Mouso! He's summoned a worm to infiltrate Barker's machine. Let's see how he defends himself...

[[Frowning at the worm facing him, Harry types.]]
Deadlock: Now the traditional defense against a worm is a strong firewall, one that blocks--
Harry: [Speaking in a strange language] Daet snir etsam ruoyk catta emk catta ott nawt nodu oy.

[[On the holographic table, the worm leaps into Mouso's computer. The computer immediately blue-screens. Mouso glares. Deadlock looks shocked. Harry smiles grimly.]]
Deadlock: Um... Well, I guess turning his own worm against him could possibly work as well.

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