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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[While hiding from the worm, Harry looks at his holographic monitor and grimaces, seeing the traffic in the chat channel he created.]]
Harry: [thinking] Yeesh... I really opened a can of worms there, no pun intended. But this IS what I was hoping for...

[[Harry moves from his hiding spot, carrying his terminal and sneaking up behind the worm.]]
Harry: [loudly] Hey, beautiful! I'm over here! Yoohoo!

[[The worm turns to face him, with Billy close behind.]]
Harry: I know your weakness: You can't penetrate a firewall. But I don't have any fire. However, I DO have flames, lots and lots of flames.

Harry: [holding up his monitor so that Billy and the worm can see it] Let me introduce you to the ire of geeks on a rampage, the fury of the Internet unleashed. A little something we call a FLAME war...

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