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[[Dwayne enters Nick's office, opening the door with his left hand while carrying a sheet of paper in his right hand. Nick is leaning forward at his desk with a very worried expression. His right index finding is pointer to something on the bottom right of his screen.]]
Dwayne: So, how goes the deployment?
Nick: Well, we're in all the app stores now, except one...

[[Dwayne is in the office. Nick half-turns to face him.]]
Dwayne: Uh, oh. Which one?
[[Nick gestures with his right thumb at the screen.]]
Nick: It's Apple. We submitted our app a week ago, and they finally said it was rejected.

[[Dwayne clutches the sheet of paper to his chest and looks startled. Nick turns back to the screen and puts his left index finger under his chin.]]
Dwayne: Rejected? Did they give a reason?
Nick: It was submitted on a Tuesday.

[[Dwayne looks sternly at Nick, who turns back to face him.]]
Dwayne. I hope you resubmitted on a different day.
Nick. Oh yes. Then it was rejected because it *wasn't* submitted on a Tuesday.

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