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[[Fooker enters the office, frowning. He is holding a mobile phone in his right hand. Dwayne and Nick turn to face him.]]
Fooker: Trouble in the Android market, chief.
Dwayne: *Now* what's happened?

[[Fooker holds up the phone. On the screen we can see an application page from the Android Market, although the text and icons are too small to read. The phone is at the level of his face and he is looking at the screen while showing it to the others.]]
Fooker: We were going strong for a bit. Lots of downloads and great ratings. Now the downloads have dropped to a crawl and we're rated 1.5 stars.

[[Dwayne takes the phone in his right hand and looks at it in distress.]]
Dwayne: What happened?!
Fooker: Chinese hackers. They disassembled our package and flooded the market with knock-off clones. Now nobody can find us.

[[Gesturing with his right hand, and looking somewhat angry, Fooker continues. Dwayne turns to look worriedly at Nick.]]
Fooker: Then they used spam bots to rate us down to oblivion. We're in the ghetto with Justine Bieber live wallpapers loaded with privacy-invading spyware.

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