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[[Trudy and Nick are eating lunch at a diner, talking about their recent experience at Lakatos.]]
Trudy: [not eating, sort of playing absently with her food] You see, Sharon and I, we've been searching for our... well, HER mother...
Nick: The criminal mastermind with all those diverse aliases, right.

Trudy: She tends to mistrust men -- thanks to my good-for-nothing, lay-about father -- and surrounds herself with loyal young women.
Nick: You mom's "harem."

Trudy: Some time back Sharon tracked down Mom through a series of leads to a pharmaceutical company...
Nick: [interrupting] Ah, and Adrienn fits the description of the girl Sharon met there. Got it.

Trudy: Sharon certainly is a talkative one, isn't she.
Nick: So is Ki, although Fooker made a contribution or two.

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