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[[Nick and Trudy have knocked out the one guard left guarding them. Nick, glasses askew, is trying to speak but is muffled by Trudy's breasts.]]
Nick: Mrv mr mrf mrmrfmrv?
Trudy: What? Ow...
Nick: [urgently] MRV MR MRF MRMRFMRV!

Trudy: [glancing back at the guard] "Is the guard unconscious?" Yes! He's out cold.
Nick: [working his way somewhat free] And he has a knife. We have to wriggle over there.

[[They try to move toward the unconscious guard]]
Trudy: OW!
Nick: No, this way.
Trudy: Move your leg there.
Nick: UMPH!

Trudy: Hurry. Nikki's stopped screaming. They'll be back soon...
Nick: [his fingers almost grasping the guard's knife] Almost got it...

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