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[[Esther and Anna are walking past the security room where they were watching security camera feeds earlier.]]
Anna: That... went about as well as could be expected.
Esther: Keep your opinions to yourself, Anna. We do our part and they do theirs.

[[Inside the security room, one of the Colonel's security guards is leaning over the shoulder of a Lakatos security operator, giving orders over a radio.]]
Guard: Units 42 and 48, move to intercept. Unit 54, maintain position. All units, capture and contain; we want the targets intact.
Esther: [opening the door and starting to enter the room] What's going on here?

[[The guard backs away slightly, and we see The Colonel in the background shadows.]]
Lakatos Security: Two "guests" have escaped, ma'am. They fled the grounds. The colonel's men are in pursuit.
Esther: So much for "under control". Who are they?

Lakatos Security: The delegation from GPF Software, I think.
[[Esther turns and glares angrily at The Colonel.]]

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