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[[Fooker explains to Ki his reason for keeping Trudy's secret.]]
Fooker: Think about it. You're angry. Dwayne will be too. Nick will be a seething volcano of molten fury. But what about Sharon? She'll be devastated.

Fooker: She _needs_ Trudy's story to be true. She has heard all our horror stories and struggles with being the sibling of such a monster. She needs to believe in "Nega-Trudy" to cope, to have hope in some form of future.

Fooker: Now I'm more skeptical than any of you, but I can see it goes both ways. Sharon's belief has had an effect on Trudy. I think she might genuinely be trying to change. It may still be an act, but it _feels_ real. For Sharon's sake, I hope it _is_ real.

Fooker: Now tell me, _friend_, will _you_ tell Sharon the truth? Will _you_ shatter her dreams? Or will _you_ lie to her to protect what little hope she has in finding peace with her estranged family?

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